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Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day Six (or, How about Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Crook?)

Blogger’s note: OK, so this is kind of cheating, since I already posted this back in January on my Open Salon blog when the blog put out an “open call” for our favorite most underrated actor. But since I’m releasing my list of my top seven hotties, and I would include Joseph Gordon-Levitt among those seven, it seems unfair to omit him…

I remember liking Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the television sitcom “3rd Rock from the Sun,” but I didn’t become a big fan of his work until he started making films.

My fellow gaybies should love Gordon-Levitt as a troubled hustler who as a child was sexually abused by his Robert Redford-lookalike Little League coach in the creepy but worthwhile “Mysterious Skin” (available on DVD) — and he had a too-small role as a strait-laced Mormon missionary in the worthwhile gay-themed “Latter Days” (also on DVD). The latest film starring Gordon-Levitt that’s available on DVD, “(500) Days of Summer,” is a great film about the dynamics of relationships (straight or gay…).

In “(500) Days” Gordon-Levitt plays Tom, a sensitive heterosexual guy who feels deeply who falls in love with a heterosexual woman named Summer, for whom their romance is just recreation and fun. It’s a great take on gender role reversal, in which the straight guy is the “woman” who wants a strong emotional bond and the straight woman is the emotionally unavailable “man” who doesn’t want anything serious.  

Gordon-Levitt has a film presence that is rare. Although his film characters usually remain fairly physically restrained, the feeling pours out of him. (Yeah, it’s a lot more than that I just think that he’s cute…)

Gordon-Levitt is to appear, with Natalie Portman, in an upcoming film called “Hesher,” in which he looks a bit like Jesus on meth:

I’m there. And not just because he apparently never wears a shirt in “Hesher,” but because I already know that he does a kick-ass job with his roles. (And because I like Natalie, too. She may not be the greatest actress, but she does have something ineffable about her that comes out in most of her film performances.)

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It’s NOT about health care

For some Americans, the debate that has dragged out for months indeed has been about health care. Those who can’t afford health care, those with serious medical problems who have been screwed over by their for-profit health-care insurance companies, and yes, those Repugnican politicians who are on the side of the for-profit wealth care — er, health care — system that profits obscenely from Americans’ pain and suffering (which, if you oppose, makes you a “socialist”), and the wealth-care corporations, too, of course: for them, it was about health care (that is, trying to obtain health care or profiting obscenely via the long broken and corrupt health-care system).  

For everyone else, though, the battle was somewhere between a referendum on the November 2008 election of President Barack Obama with 53 percent of the popular vote (to Repugnican John McCainosaurus’ 46 percent) and a sort of second civil war; the battle was over whether or not the mostly white, mostly racist, mostly white supremacist Repugnican Party would allow the nation’s first black president to have a major legislative victory.

Those yelling “nigger” and “faggot” and the like at Democratic lawmakers this past weekend — and the Repugnican lawmaker who screamed “baby killer!” at a Democratic lawmaker — yeah, you know, that wasn’t about health care.

That was about a dwindling demographic — the stupid white man and those who support him — that is terrified of the increasing political power that historically oppressed minority groups are gaining. (“Nigger” for blacks and other non-whites, “faggot” for non-heterosexuals, and “baby killer” for those uppity women who want equal rights and who oppose patriarchal rule.)

And those screaming “nigger” and “faggot” and “baby killer” aren’t just “a few bad apples.” The Repugnican Party and the “tea party” is a whole fucking orchard of rotten apples.

The Repugnicans in Congress already are talking about trying to repeal the uppity black president’s landmark legislation. They want to assure their racist/white supremacist base that they’re not going to allow the black president to get anything — or, if he does manage to get anything, to keep it.

And, of course, the Repugnicans and their allies, such as the “tea party” fascists, like democracy only when democracy goes their way.

The “tea party” fascists who “stormed” Capitol Hill this past weekend and called at least one black legislator a “nigger,” spat on at least another black legislator, and called an openly gay lawmaker a “faggot” — and yes, the Repugnican lawmaker who called another lawmaker a “baby killer” — are no different from the mob of Repugnican Party operatives, pretending to be ordinary outraged citizens, who disrupted the ballot-recounting process in Florida in late 2000.

When democracy doesn’t go the wingnuts’ way, they try mob rule. Which is one of the many reasons I call them fascists. (If the boot fits, wear it!)

We let the fascists get away with that shit — their bullying — in late 2000. And look at what it cost us.

We truly patriotic Americans — those of us who respect democracy, even when the democratic process doesn’t give us the outcome that we want — need to stand up to the fascist bullies who want to subvert our democratic system even further than they already have.

We need to push back; that is all that fucking bullies understand.

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