Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day Five (or, Frisky for Franco)

Actor James Franco receiving Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding recognition last year

Wikipedia notes that James Franco was elected by his high school senior class as possessing the “best smile.”

Oh, hell yeah. That’s a killer smile.

I haven’t seen Franco in much, unfortunately. The “Spider-Man” movies. “Milk,” of course, as Harvey Milk’s boyfriend Scott Smith, in which Franco is absolutely adorable. And I do believe that that’s it. But he makes my Top 10 list hands down.

Even when he’s made up to look rather scuzzy, as he was in “Pineapple Express” (which I haven’t seen), that smile is a slayer:

His entire face lights up when he smiles.

Who could resist?

Of course, Franco is reportedly straight… >Sigh.<

I need at least one hot gay celebrity for my Top 10…

P.S. I see now that named Franco the “sexiest man living” for 2009 in November. He’s an excellent choice for that distinction. He certainly makes at least my top three.


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3 responses to “Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day Five (or, Frisky for Franco)

  1. Annielicious14

    You should see Pineapple express! You’d love him in it. And have a gander at Tristan and Isolde. And I agree with everything you said about his smile! sigh

    • robertdcrook

      Yeah, I’m thinking that I need to catch “Pineapple Express” on DVD. “Tristan and Isolde” didn’t get good reviews, but I might catch that one, too. He’s to appear in a film called “Howl,” in which I do believe he plays gay again… >Sigh.<

  2. And he was awesome in General Hospital, he’ll be back for another short run soon.

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