Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day Four (or, Crazy for Crudup)

Billy Crudup

I fell in love with Billy Crudup when I saw 1999’s “Jesus’ Son” (which also stars Jack Black in one of his inimitable performances and the always good Samantha Morton).

Crudup never got the credit that he deserves. Unfortunately, he probably will be best remembered for his role in 2000’s commercially successful “Almost Famous” — and/or for his role as Dr. Manhattan in the disappointing “Watchmen” from last year — but he gave much stronger and much more substantial performances in 1998’s “Without Limits” (which I caught on DVD after I’d seen “Jesus’ Son”) and in 2004’s “Stage Beauty,” which is an interesting study of the genders and of sexual orientation (and of the craft of drama itself).

Crudup next is to appear in “Eat, Pray, Love,” based upon the best-selling memoir of the same title, with Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem and James Franco.

Billy Crudup and James Franco in the same filmoh, yeah, I’m probably there…

Anyway, I’m hoping that Crudup wins an Oscar before his film career is over. His overlooked talent deserves to be recognized, better late than never.

P.S. Like Gael Garcia Bernal, Crudup doesn’t make an unattractive woman, either. Here is a screen shot from “Stage Beauty”:

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