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Sex abuse allegations overwhelming Pope Palpatine

I remember, years ago, when Pope Palpatine was elected, that it felt all wrong. One of my co-workers, a right-wing Catholic, was excited about the new pope to the point that she had the unveiling of the new pope on a television set in the office.

I remember seeing the throngs of people on live TV and thinking: all of those people, and all of them so wrong.

Today I feel vindicated. reports that 22 of the 27 German Roman Catholic dioceses have been touched (so to speak) by a rapidly growing scandal in which as many as 200 individuals claim to have been sexually abused by German Roman Catholic officials in the 1970s and 1908s. Pope Palpatine was Archbishop of Munich from 1977 to 1982, helpfully notes.

But noooo, it’s same-sex couples who want equal human and civil rights who are the problem.

Don’t tax me, bro!

I don’t want to pay taxes.

Oh, shit — I sound like a tea-baggin’ fucktard.

Let me be specific: I am rather addicted to not having to pay state sales tax on most things that I purchase via is in the news these days because it apparently is punishing the state of Colorado for having passed a new state law that would require to collect and report to the state of Colorado sales tax data on its online sales to individuals in Colorado, which, like many if not most states, faces a budget shortfall.

My state, California, at one time required its residents to report, on their state income tax returns, their online purchases for the past year and to pay state sales taxes on these purchases, but this was, to my knowledge, on the honor system. I certainly didn’t pay it, and I hope that California never does what Colorado did, which was (as I understand it) to require to report to the state how much in state sales taxes residents in Colorado owe from their online purchases.

I don’t mind paying state sales tax on items that are shipped to me from within California — and I believe that I always end up paying California state sales tax on items I buy online that ship from within California — but to pay California state sales tax on items that are shipped to me from out of state: That’s bullshit.

Indeed, The Associated Press notes that “A 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling found that states can only make companies collect sales tax if they have a physical presence in the state to prevent out-of-state sellers from having to deal with thousands of separate tax jurisdictions.”

That’s one U.S. Supreme Court ruling that I actually can agree with…

The hand that Israel bit slaps back

I’m lovin’ it that the Obama administration is bitch-slapping Israel for having bitten the red, white and blue hand that feeds it.

Israel is the No. 2 recipient of U.S. foreign aid, second only to Iraq. (Before the unelected Bush regime illegally, immorally, unprovokedly and unjustly invaded Iraq in March 2003, Israel long was at No. 1.)

Being so dependent upon the United States means that you do what the fuck the United States tells you to do, it seems to me.

Warhawkish Israel-firsters Benedict Lieberman and John McCainosaurus have criticized the Obama administration for having sternly criticized Israel’s right-wing leadership for recently announcing its plan to steal more Palestinian land, but it was Barack Obama, not McCainosaurus, who won the fucking presidential election of 2008.

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