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Yeah, I’d Tickle That: Day One (or, I’m Gay for Ray)

Ray William Johnson

Since it has been established that guys tickling other guys is in no way sexual and therefore in no way gay, with former Rep. Eric Massa (a.k.a. “Tickle Me Eric”) as my inspiration, today I start my week-long series titled, “Yeah, I’d Tickle That.”

Today’s ticklee: YouTube star Ray William Johnson.

Never heard of him?

How sad for you!

I stumbled across this talented, tickle-worthy hottie a little while ago.

Mostly he’s funny, but even when he isn’t so funny, his delivery is so adorable that I don’t care. He could post videos of himself just brushing his teeth and I’d still watch.

Ray has two channels on YouTube, “=3” , in which he features viral videos with his own commentary, and “BreakingNYC,” which is more autobiographical.

With his captivating presence, I’m surprised that Ray isn’t on television or in the movies, and my guess is that in the not-too-distant future, if that’s what he desires, then he will be.

As far as I can tell, Ray ain’t gay. However, he seems homo-friendly, and if he doesn’t mind having a gay-male fan base (and I don’t think that he would), with wider exposure, I think, he’d have it.

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