How about actually delivering upon those promises of hope and change?

If I know the Democrats — and I think that I do — they will take Repugnican Scott Brown’s less-than-a-landslide victory in Massachusetts yesterday as an excuse to be even bigger pussies than they have been for President Barack Obama’s first year in office.

Massachusetts voters didn’t narrowly vote for Brown because he promised to bring back the good old days of the BushCheneyCorp.

No, they voted for Brown because he did the faux populist act and because in their amnesia they couldn’t recall what it was like the last time the stupid white guys were in charge.

I mean, think of it: The nation goes to utter shit under the eight unelected years of the Bush regime, Obama doesn’t turn everything around in just one year, and so the voters think that it’s time to return the stupid white men to power?


Again, Brown promised frustrated voters what Barack Obama promised them when he campaigned for the White House: hope and change.

(And, of course, Brown was a centerfold and is a silver fox. That’s hard to beat.)

What can the Democrats do to avoid a massacre at the ballot box in November 2010? Do what the voters elected them to do: Make things better.

I am reminded of that “Saturday Night Live” skit in which a President Obama declares that his critics have nothing to worry about because thus far he’s accomplished two things: jack and squat.

Now is not the time for the Democrats to do even less. Now is the time for them to do even more, not to retreat.

If the Repugnicans had the majorities that the Democrats have in both house of Congress, the Repugnicans sure the fuck wouldn’t cut and run. The Dems need to take a page from the Repugnicans’ playbook and own their power.

Otherwise, yeah, there will be a bloodbath at the ballot box in November. is going to deliver petitition signatures to the White House and to the Demcrats in Congress. The petition simply reads: “Voters want real change. It’s time for the Democratic Party to stop siding with corporate interests and start fighting for working families.” MoveOn further explains:

For the last year, Democrats in Washington have let lobbyists and corporate interests run roughshod over the peoples’ business. Wall Street got bailouts. Bankers got bonuses. Big Insurance rewrote the health care bill. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans struggled to make ends meet.

But now thanks to the Massachusetts special election, Democrats finally know they need to change course. The question is, will they learn exactly the wrong lesson? Will they give up on change altogether?

We need to make sure Democrats don’t get it wrong this time. It’s time to demand that they start truly fighting for working families. Pass real health care reform. Rein in Wall street. Take on the banks and special interests that stand in the way of change.

Yup. If you agree, and if you want real change agents in Congress instead of pretty-boy centerfolds posing as change agents, please sign the petition.

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