I hope his kidneys fail

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, right, speaks during ...

Associated Press photo

Wingnut Rush Limbaugh pontificates at a hospital in Hawaii, where he recently survived a heart-attack scare, unfortunately.

Black lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes stirred some controversy when, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in response to Rush Limbaugh’s proclamation that he hopes that President Barack Obama’s White House administration fails, she said of Limbaugh: “I hope his kidneys fail.”

I hope so, too — but I’m not kidding. (Although she probably wasn’t, either…)

What the fuck is the matter with the wingnuts?

Limbaugh has accused President Obama of encouraging aid to Haitians in light of this past week’s devastating earthquake only to score political points.

If Obama had ignored the Haitian situation, as George W. Bush would have done, as he did Hurricane Katrina, then the wingnuts hypocritically would have accused Obama of not having done his job, but when Obama did acknowledge the Haitians’ crisis, the wingnuts accuse him of having done so only for personal political gain.

Obama can’t fucking win with the fucking wingnuts, because the wingnuts’ main problem with Obama is that he is black, and the wingnuts are racists and white supremacists.

The majority of the wingnuts call themselves “Christians.” Would Jesus have ignored the Haitians’ plight? Would Jesus have said, as wingnut Pat Robertson said, that the Haitians brought the earthquake upon themselves because they’d “sworn a pact with the devil”?

No, Jesus the socialist would have jumped in to help. (Jesus the socialist wouldn’t have opposed health care for all, would not have supported health care only for those who can afford it in our sick and twisted for-profit wealth care system, either.)

The Repugnicans claim that they’re not racist, but they demonstrate that they are racist and white supremacist time and time again. They inappropriately and illegally removed blacks from the voters’ rolls in order to “win” George W. Bush Florida in 2000, then they ignored Hurricane Katrina because it affected mostly black Americans, and now they criticize Barack Obama for helping the Haitians — who brought the earthquake upon themselves, of course. Tell the maimed and orphaned children of Haiti that they brought it upon themselves. After all, that’s what Jesus would have done!

The right wing has been so thoroughly discredited that I don’t know how it even still exists, even in its weakened form.

Here is Rush Limbaugh trying to score political points by accusing President Obama of trying to score political points by doing the right thing, by doing what Jesus would do.

Is Limbaugh even aware of his own hypocrisy?

The best thing that we can say about people like Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh (and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, et. al., et. al.) is that they will die one day.

But that day can’t come quickly enough.


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4 responses to “I hope his kidneys fail

  1. John Doe

    You are one sick fuck. Get help. Or is this blog a joke, poking fun at all the supposed hate in others by hating them?

  2. robertdcrook

    No, it’s no joke, bitch!

    Why do the wingnuts like Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh get to be hateful, venomous, vicious pieces of shit, but we liberals/progressives are supposed to be as sweet as pie?

    Fuck THAT shit and FUCK YOU!

  3. John Doe

    See, that’s fine. Just quit your whiiiiiiining about them being “hateful, venomous, vicious pieces of shit.” It’s either alright for them, because you are doing it too, or it isn’t, and you are “a hateful, venomous, vicious piece of shit” too. Personally, I’m with you, I prefer to be venomous. Then we don’t accidentally forget how hateful and venomous pieces of shit you progressives are. No quarter given, none expected.

    • robertdcrook

      Wingnuts stand for the old order of bogus wars for rich white men’s profits, racism/white supremacism, patriarchy/misogyny, oppression, election stealing and other abuses of power, etc., etc. Yeah, I’m going to fight against that, and yeah, I’m going to be vicious right back, because that’s all that the wingnuts are able to understand.

      The old way is that we progressives just roll over and play dead. No more. We stand for a new order, and the only way that we’re going to bring that new order about is to give the wingnuts back what they give. What we progressives stand for is worth dying for, and that works out just fine, because the only good wingnut is a dead wingnut.

      You act as though what one stands for does not matter, and that is because you have no character. You side with the old order because you are ignorant and terrified.

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