Dems finally have some (‘ping-pong’) balls? And Howard Dean for 2012?

Yahoo! News reports today:

Now that the House and Senate have both passed separate health care reform bills, the legislative process shifts to ironing out the differences. This typically involves having a formal conference committee containing members of both the House and the Senate. The goal is to reconcile the two bills, creating a final bill that both chambers will vote on.

In a surprise turn, according to Jonathan Cohn of the New Republic, Democrats intend to employ an obscure tactic, informally known as “ping-pong,” to shut Republicans out of the final negotiations and speed the bills toward completion.

In “ping-pong” the legislation is bounced back and forth between the House and the Senate, controlled by just the Democratic leadership in each chamber and the White House, until a final agreement can be reached.

A game of “ping-pong” sounds great to me. Under the eight long nightmarish years of the unelected Bush regime, the majority Repugnicans in the House and Senate routinely shut the minority Democrats out of the legislative process.

Fuck the Repugnicans, and if the Democrats give the Repugnicans a nasty taste of their own medicine, then hallefuckinglujah!

In November 2008, a majority of Americans voted for Barack Obama and his promise of change; they didn’t vote for Repugnican obstructionism and the Repugnican agenda of putting the plutocrats’ agenda ahead of the American people’s agenda.

Fuck “bipartisanship.” The Democrats should go full steam ahead while they can.

I’m happy to see some buzz about former Democratic presidential candidate and former Democratic Party head Howard Dean maybe seeking the 2016 — or even the 2012 — Democratic presidential nomination.

Although yeah, it’s unlikely that Dean would challenge Obama for his second term, what poetic justice that would be if Dean did so — if between now and then Obama doesn’t deliver upon all of that hope and change that he promised us.

Thus far, it looks as though Obama punk’d us, that we’re no better off under him than we would have been under his rival Billary Clinton, and some competition from an actual (that is, progressive and populist) Democrat would do the smug, too-comfortable Obama some good.

If Obama doesn’t turn it around, he won’t get my vote in 2012 (I’m about 75 percent sure that he’ll run for re-election, by the way), and should he actually have a viable challenger in 2012 who is a real Democrat, I’ll throw my support to his challenger.

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