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Boxer already has won re-election

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chair Sen. Barbara ...

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Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, chair of the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee, speaks during a news conference in Washington, D.C., today on the climate-change talks in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, her would-be Repugnican successors are focusing on the scandalous! fact that she actually asked someone to address her as “senator”!

The 2010 election is almost a year away, but I think it’s safe to say that U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer is going to win re-election.

This from The Associated Press today:

Washington – The widely played video clip of U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer reprimanding a general for calling her “ma’am” is the gift that keeps on giving for the two Republicans hoping to challenge her next year.

Republicans Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore are trying to capitalize on the exchange by making it a key ingredient of their fundraising efforts and attempts to recruit grassroots support. Both campaigns say the video revs up a GOP base that already has long-standing animosity toward Boxer, among the most liberal members of the Senate.

Whether it will have currency beyond next June’s Republican primary, when the winner will have to appeal to a much larger and more diverse audience, is an open question.

During a hearing last June, Boxer interrupted Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh of the Army Corps of Engineers in mid-sentence: “Do me a favor?” she said. “Could you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?’ It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it. Yes, thank you.”

Boxer said the general was not offended by her remarks, but many in the GOP clearly were, including the two Republican challengers.

Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina thought the exchange was so memorable that it prompted her to create a website titled CallMeBarbara.com, which she uses to raise money and keep in touch with supporters.

Campaign aides said they could not quantify the site’s appeal, except to say it has received thousands of hits and led to thousands of dollars in donations.

The campaign of state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore juxtaposed the Boxer clip with an Austin Powers movie frame showing the Dr. Evil character upbraiding those who dare refer to him as “Mr. Evil.” The 30-second video has generated more than 108,000 clicks on YouTube. It’s been one of the campaign’s most popular tools for reaching out to potential supporters.

Barbara O’Connor, professor of communications at Sacramento State University, said the use of Boxer’s comments from the hearing will no doubt fire up the GOP base during the primary campaign but probably will not hurt the third-term senator in the general election. Jobs, health care and other bread-and-butter issues are expected to take precedence….

Um, yeah.

To give just one example, while Fiorina never has held elected office but just wants to buy office (and the governorship of the nation’s most populous state at that), like so many Repugnicans do, and while DeVore is just another stupid white man who stupidly believes that Californians at this point in time want to replace Boxer with a stupid white man, Boxer has been at the forefront of combating global warming. (Fiorina and DeVore, of course, being Repugnicans, would put profits over the planet.)

Um, yeah, I’m a lot more concerned about scientists’ projection that the Arctic could be ice-free in less than a decade than I am that Barbara Boxer — gasp! — actually asked some general to call her “senator”!

The fucking Repugicans fucking fiddle while the polar ice caps melt. It’s fucking great.

Those who hate Boxer are going to hate Boxer. Those of us Californians who love her are going to love her, and no rich bitch trying to buy office or stupid white man is going to get our vote for the U.S. Senate over Babs.

And what, exactly, was Boxer’s “crime” in asking the general to call her “senator”? She was not deferential enough to a man in the military?

Oh, fuck that shit!

I smell sexism — and fascism.

Barbara Boxer nor any other American citizen or elected official is required to fall at the feet of anyone in the U.S. military.

Anyway, the AP also reports:

Registered Republicans represent less than a third of California’s electorate. Women, who vote in greater numbers than men in California, may well see Boxer’s statement as a demand for equal treatment….

Boxer said her opponents’ focus on the exchange says more about them than it does about her. She’s not about to apologize.

“Once in 17 years that I’ve been a senator, I asked a witness to call me ‘senator,’ because we were having a back and forth and I kept saying ‘general’ and he kept saying ‘ma’am’, and it went ‘general,’ ‘ma’am,’ ‘general,’ ‘ma’am.’ And I thought, you know what, this is one of those times we ought to call each other by our titles,” she said in an interview.

Boxer’s strategy for dealing with the fallout is simple: Let her opponents talk about the exchange while she focuses on talking about jobs and other priorities. It’s her way of conveying to voters that she is focused on the issues they care about while her opponents are focused on petty issues….

Fiorina and DeVore already have demonstrated their pettiness and political naivete amply. They might be in touch with California’s wingnut minority, but they’re grossly out of step with the California majority that elected Barbara Boxer for her third term in the U.S. Senate in 2004 with 58 percent of the vote to her Repugnican challenger’s 38 percent. In 2004 she earned more than 6.9 million votes, more votes than any other candidate for the U.S. Senate ever earned in the nation’s history, and more votes than any other candidate ever won on the California statewide ballot.

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