Die, Dick, die!

My fantasy: Justice delayed is better than no justice at all. Dick Cheney deserves to die in federal prison.

Why does Dick Cheney’s faulty, cold heart go on beating?

Why is washed-up former Vice President Dick acting like the Penguin to President Barack Obama’s Batman?

Cheney, with his latest act his rant against the Obama administration’s handling of Afghanistan (where he would have proclaimed “mission accomplished” already), is trying to salvage his “legacy” by acting as though he really cares about national security instead of war profiteering (he did deliver his war-profiteering corporation Halliburton the Vietraq War, after all), the pundits are chattering, but my best guess is that Cheney is terrified that he might actually be charged as the war criminal that he is and that he therefore is trying to drum up public opinion to be sympathetic toward his sorry, felonious, treasonous ass should justice actually ever be done and he actually be held accountable for the thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths of our men and women in uniform and of innocent Iraqi civilians (and many, many other innocent civilians throughout the Middle East).

Cheney and the odious members of his family need to shut the fuck up and go the fuck away. The Repugnicans lost the November 2008 presidential election by a decisive margin (53 percent to 46 percent). They were rejected by the majority of Americans, were shot down democratically, but, of course, the wingnuts only respect democracy when democracy goes their way (or when an election is close enough for them to be able to steal it).

The highest approval rating for Cheney that I’ve seen for any time in the past six months is 37 percent — with 55 percent having an unfavorable opinion of the Dick. (Dick’s approval rating was only 29 percent when Joe Biden took over his job in January.)  

Dick’s Penguin act could backfire, of course. You’d think that he’d have just slithered away in January in order to avoid prosecution instead of keeping himself in the public spotlight, which only reminds the American people that a war criminal in their midst continues to go unprosecuted.

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