Ignore the sore losermen

This doesn’t need to be a super-long post. Really, just one phrase in a Politico news story sums it up.

Of the wingnut gathering in Washington, D.C., today, organized by the likes of corporately sponsored wingnut blowhard baby-boomer asshole Glenn Beck, Politico notes:

Conservative protesters from around the country flooded Pennsylvania Avenue [today], railing against what they called President Obama’s plan for government-run health care and Congress’s tax-and-spend policies.

Police officials declined to release a crowd estimate, but the number of protesters along the route appeared to number well into the tens of thousands. The overwhelmingly white crowd [emphasis mine] ranged widely in age, and has been orderly, with no arrests reported.

By mid-morning crowds had poured into Freedom Plaza, just blocks from the White House, for a pre-march rally to the steps of Congress.

Demonstrators held up signs reading, “Public option is the death of freedom,” “No nanny state,” and “Where’s the birth certificate?” …

So much is contained in those few paragraphs, but, of course, paramount is the phrase “the overwhelmingly white crowd.”

Thank the civil rights movement for the fact that these racist motherfuckers can’t come right out and admit publicly that the primary reason they hate President Barack Obama is that he’s half-black. First it was that Obama is a “Muslim,” because you can say “Muslim” but you can’t say “nigger.” (Again, thank the civil rights movement for that.) Then it was that Obama is a “socialist,” yet another code word for “nigger.” Now, “government-run health care” is the “n”-word code word.

And these very same wingnuts were perfectly OK with the “tax-and-spend” policy of the unelected Bush regime, which funneled hundreds of billions of American taxpayers’ dollars to war profiteers, such as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, via the bogus Vietraq War. But that was OK because the “president” at that time was white and wingnutty, you see.

Anyone in his or her right might would much rather that his or her own tax dollars go to health care rather than to a bogus war that not only deplete’s the nation’s treasury — under BushCheneyCorp the federal budget deficit hit an all-time high that rivaled only the federal budget deficit under King George Bush I — but only makes his or her nation even more hated around the world and thus even more suceptible to terrorist atacks in the future. “Right mind” is the key phrase there.

What to do about the overwhelmingly white crowds of wingnutty protesters?

Ignore them, just as the crowds of protesters that protested the Bush regime’s theft of the 2000 presidential election and its subsequent launching of its illegal, immoral, unjust and unprovoked Vietraq War in March 2003 were ignored.

I was among those ignored protesters. We were ignored because it was politically possible to ignore us.

It’s even more politically possible today to simply ignore today’s wingnutty protesters, who, when you peel back the layers upon layers of their lies, are just pissed off that Barack Hussein Obama, who is half white and half black, beat the old white wingnut John McCainosaurus in November 2008, 53 percent to 46 percent, and with 365 electoral votes to a paltry 173.

Even when Al Gore beat George W. Bush in 2000, the wingnuts called those of us who opposed the blatant late-2000 theft of the White House “sore losermen.”

Yet here they are today, when the 2008 presidential election wasn’t even close, essentially protesting the fact that they lost the 2008 presidential election.

We ignore the protesters, and if they can’t get over the fact that they lost the election, we, the majority of the people, will have to help the sore losermen to get over it.

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