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Let’s secede from the red states

If this sight is more than the red-staters can take, then let them form their own nation with their own president — like they did in 1861. And let’s let them go this time.

According to the White House’s blog,

At noon on Tuesday, September 8th the President will be welcoming America’s students back to school – after all, sometimes they need a little extra motivation after a glorious summer. The President has spoken often about the responsibility parents have for their children and their education, but in this message he’ll urge students to take personal responsibility for their own education, to set goals, and to not only stay in school but make the most of it.

Apparently there are millions of parents, most of whom presumably voted for Repugnicans John McCainosaurus and Sarah Palin-Quayle in November, who don’t want their children to see President Barack Obama’s address at school on Tuesday. 

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, so I’ll say this up front: Admittedly, if I had had a child in school during the eight long nightmarish years of the unelected Bush regime’s rule, I would not have wanted my child to watch a televised address by “President” “Is Our Children Learning?” Bush — no matter how innocuous his message might have been. 

But I have pretty fucking good reasons for that.

First off, Bush never was elected legitimately in the first place. (Democrat Al Gore in November 2000 won not only the popular vote by more than a half-million more votes, but Gore also won the pivotal state of Florida, which at that time was governed by Bush’s brother Jeb, and at that time Florida’s top elections official was Bush campaign supporter Katherine “Conflict of Interest Is My Middle Name” Harris, and don’t even get me started on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in late 2000 to coronate Bush.) Because he never was elected legitimately in the first place, all of the election irregularities in the pivotal state of Ohio in November 2004 aside, there is no way that Bush legitimately could have been re-elected.    

So — would I want my child being spoken to by a “president” who had stolen office?

No. I would not want my child to be any part of that. I would want my child to value actual democracy and playing fair. Cheating and stealing are not family values.

Bush called himself a “war president.” Never mind that the “war” was that he’d failed to protect the nation from the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and then he and his henchmen lied that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 because it was Iraq that the unelected Bush cabal had wanted to invade and occupy all along. (Not one of the 19 9/11 hijackers was an Iraqi. Fifteen of them, however, were Saudis.)

The bogus Vietraq War has cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, yet the Repugnicans and other assorted wingnuts argue that the Obama administration wants to waste the taxpayers’ dollars by actually giving them — gasp! — health care.

When unnecessary warfare is far more important to an empire than the basic health of its citizens, how long can it be before that empire goes the way of the ancient Roman Empire?

Besides the cost to the American taxpayers are, of course, the costs in human lives: At least tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed since the unelected Bush regime illegally, immorally, unprovokedly and unjustly invaded their nation in March 2003. And more than 4,333 U.S. troops have died in the sands of Iraq since March 2003.

Oh, George W. Bush never killed anyone with his own hands — that we know of.

But he is responsible for thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths because of his words and his actions. Were it not for Bush, those people would be alive today.

Therefore, it’s accurate to call George W. Bush a mass murderer, since his Vietraq War never was about defense, but was about offense — and war profiteering, such as by Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

So — would I want my schoolchild to watch a televised address by a mass murderer?

Um, no, I would not.

Mass murder — also not a family value.

So: Lying, cheating, stealing, murder. Bush pretty much has all of the Ten Commandments covered. And I haven’t even talked about Hurricane Katrina, which four years ago killed more than 2,500 Americans (more than 1,800 confirmed dead and more than 700 classified as missing), even though the dangers to New Orleans were well known and the growing hurricane had been tracked for at least a few days.

The Repugnicans’ and the wingnuts’ main reason for not wanting their children to see President Obama on television at school?

Because he stole an election? No, in November 2008 he beat Repugnican John McCainosaurus, 53 percent to 46 percent.

Because he began a bogus war?

No, although I think that the U.S. should get out of Afghanistan, Obama inherited that mess from the unelected Bush regime.

Because Obama just let the worst terrorist strike on mainland American soil to occur (killing just under 3,000 Americans) or because Obama just let one of the worst natural disasters — if not the worst natural disaster — in American history to kill more than 2,500 Americans? 

No, the reason that Repugnican and wingnut parents don’t want their children to see President Obama on the tee-vee is that first and foremost, Obama is black, and these white supremacists just want to block that fact out — and to shield their children from it, too — because the occupant of the White House is not supposed to be black!

And, to a lesser extent, these fascists don’t want their offspring to see Obama on TV because he is not a Repugnican.

When Bush was “president,” these very same people, especially in the aftermath of 9/11, proclaimed that every American unequivocally should support the president.

Now, though, to these very same people it’s perfectly OK not to support the president.

Because the president is a Democrat.

And because much worse, the president is black.

Yes, the nation is polarized. This polarization has existed since before the Civil Fucking War.

Did you know that South Carolina seceded from the Union before Abraham Lincoln had even taken office? It’s true. So abhorrent to South Carolinans was the specter of freeing the slaves that South Carolina seceded in December 1860, which was the month after Lincoln’s election and was several weeks before Lincoln’s inauguaration in March 1861, by which time at least seven deep-South states had seceded.

Today, South Carolina is one of many Southern states that are allowing parents to refuse to let their children watch President Obama’s back-to-school address, an address that, I understand, past presidents have given.

What these wingnuts are saying is that although the majority of Americans elected Barack Obama as president, they don’t accept the results of the democratic election because the results of the election didn’t go their way.

I opposed Bush all along because he’d never fucking won in November 2000 in the first placenot because he’d won fairly and squarely and I was just a “sore loserman.” (I voted for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader in November 2000, in fact, but I fully recognized then, as I do now, that Democrat Al Gore was the legitimate victor of the November 2000 presidential election.)

I used to call for another Civil War — to finally finish off the red-state motherfuckers once and for all. But now I’m thinking that it would be best (and a lot less messy) to just let the dumbfuck states secede.

They can make Texas — Bushland — their capital.

But I say that we erect a wall between the blue states and the red states. If any of the red-staters try to enter the blue states to feed off of the blue states — as I have noted, most of the red states get back more from the federal government than they put into the federal government, some of them even about twice as much — we blue-staters shoot the red-staters on the spot, just like they want done to the Mexican “illegals” crossing over.

Better yet: We blue staters don’t wait for the red states to secede. It’s probably just an idle threat anyway; I mean, how likely is it that the tick or the flea actually ever will leave the dog? Who needs whom?

So: We blue-staters secede from the red states! And we erect that wall.

Then, the red-staters won’t have to worry about their progeny having to see the — gasp! — black president on the tee-vee.

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