Dream deferred

California’s largest same-sex-marriage advocacy group, Equality California, has decided to support putting the issue of same-sex marriage on the state ballot again in 2012 instead of in 2010.

I have mixed feelings about this.

I suppose that there is no reason to go back to the ballot box if it’s pretty clear that you can’t win, but I’m not so sure that we couldn’t win in 2010.

The time for equal human and civil rights is always RIGHT NOW — not in 2010 or 2012 or any other year in the future.

That fact aside, strategically speaking, it seems to me that a lower state voter turnout in 2010 would be more advantageous than would a higher state voter turnout in 2012. Perhaps especially since some analysts say that fewer black and Latino voters are expected to go to the polls in November 2010 than did in November 2008, when Barack Obama was on the ballot and when Proposition Hate — er, 8 — passed by 52 to 48 percent, and since black and Latino voters voted for Prop 8 in higher percentages than did white voters, perhaps 2010 is the year.

If President Obama manages to right the ship that the unelected Bush regime nearly tanked, if the nation’s economy is back to normal by then, perhaps a majority of California voters, feeling generous in 2012, would vote for same-sex marriage. (Voters tend to punish minority groups in economically harsh times.)

But what if the state’s voters in 2012 aren’t happy with Obama?

In any case, the deferment to 2012 seems to be more out of excess timidity and/or laziness on the part of the gay and lesbian community than anything else. Of course it seems that the longer we push it off the better our chances will be.

But why wait?

Why defer the dream that has been deferred for this long?

It seems to me that we should bring the issue of same-sex marriage to the ballot box every two years until it fucking passes.

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