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Go out whining

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shares a laugh while serving hot ...

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is pictured during an invocation ...

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Repugnican Sarah Palin-Quayle gives a fake laugh and bows her head in fake piety yesterday at the annual governor’s picnic in Fairbanks. Maybe she is praying that she escapes the innumerable ethics probes and legal bills that have plagued her during her truncated governorship of one of the nation’s reddest and least-populous states. Yesterday was Palin-Quayle’s last day as governor of Alaska, but for her to slither back under the rock from which she came probably is too much to hope for.

Good riddance, Sarah Palin-Quayle.

Oh, just kidding. I know that, like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger or some other nightmare, you’ll be back.

But it’s funny (not ha ha funny) how Palin-Quayle demonstrates how unpresidential she is while trying to make the argument to the contrary.

I mean, do we want a president who whines at every turn about her or his “mistreatment”?

For her failures Palin-Quayle blames the media, blames a supposed national pornographic interest in her white-trash family that I’ve never witnessed, blames even “starlets” (although she has wanted to be one herself), and she even (I think — her thinking is disordered) surreally claims that to criticize her somehow is to attack our troops.

Palin-Quayle is just a power-hungry beauty-pageant dingbat who wraps herself in the American flag and in the Shroud of Turin. She has to wrap herself in something, has to align herself with someone else’s achievements, because she’s never accomplished anything on her own in her whopping two and a half years as governor of one of the nation’s least populous, most backasswards states.

Perhaps there is some hope for the United States of America, though, that the majority of voters in November stopped the possibility of Palin-Quayle ever becoming — Oh. My. God. — president. 

Whatever her future endeavors, I fully expect Palin-Quayle to continue with her “victimization” shtick, which will guarantee that governor of one of the most podunk states in the nation is the highest political office that she’ll ever get.

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