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Good riddance, I hope, you betcha!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down ...

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In a rambling, bullshit speech in which her voice quavers because she’s a fake and a pathological liar, Repugnican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin-Quayle announces today that she is resigning her post later this month, even though she still has about a year and a half to go in her term. Despite her bizarre, irresponsible move today, the wingnutty dingbat still widely is expected to run for the 2012 Repugnican presidential nomination with a political  “resume” of having served only a little more than half of a gubernatorial term in the nation’s fourth-least-populous state (Alaska’s estimated population is less than 700,000) .

How do you know when Sarah Palin-Quayle is lying?

When her lips are moving.

Palin-Quayle claims that she’s resigning as governor of Alaska later this month for the good of Alaskans.


Either there’s some major scandal that’s about to break and she’s pre-emptively resigning or, as a ladder-climbing power-tripper, she finds being a lame-duck governor to be not satisfying enough for her ego and/or too boring.

I mean, what’s the difference between having Palin-Quayle as a lame-duck governor or having Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell being a lame-duck governor? Either way, Alaska will have a lame-duck governor. It makes no sense.

In any case, when you are elected to public office, you are taking on the responsibility for filling out your term unless you absolutely cannot — you don’t bail out when the job becomes lackluster and/or because you have higher aspirations.

Palin-Quayle seems to have lost her marbles.

Not that she ever had them in the first place.

Does Palin-Quayle’s resignation mean that we no longer have to listen to her continuously whine and cry about how the “media” supposedly repeatedly viciously attack her white-trash family and how it’s not about her power-grubbing beauty-pageant-contestant ego but is about “country first”? (More like it’s about the cunt first…)

It’s probably too good to be true that Palin actually returns to the obscurity from which she emerged and in which she belongs, but we can hope.

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