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On the death of Michael Jackson

I don’t really have anything to say about the unexpected death of Michael Jackson yesterday at age 50 that hasn’t already been said everywhere else except that it’s rather sad that he very apparently believed that the Anglo look was the gold standard of beauty.

I mean, he went from this:

Michael Jackson, from his days as part of The Jackson 5, poses ...

Reuters photo (undated)

— a fine-looking boy — to this:


Reuters photo (taken March 2009)

Had Jackson lived to continue his facial evolution, I guess that eventually he would have looked something like this:

But seriously, take it from this blue-eyed, thin-lipped, pinched-nosed Anglo that really, you are beautiful just the way you are. (I’ve said that before and I’m saying it again.)

Don’t be a Michael Jackson. At least where your face is concerned.

P.S. I see that now some more thoughtful and more analytical news pieces regarding Michael Jackson are coming out, now that the initial shock that he died has passed.

This piece, although perhaps a bit morbid, makes the case that Jackson is probably worth more dead than he was alive; his California homestead, Neverland, is anticipated to become a tourist attraction like Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

This piece talks about Jackson’s issues with race, noting that Jackson’s 1991 hit “Black or White” (probably my favorite song [and music video] of his) seemingly was a personal statement, and quoting an associate of Jackson as having said that if Jackson could have done it over again, he probably wouldn’t have changed his appearance so drastically over the years…

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