California Supreme Court wusses out; so we take it to the ballot next year

Emily Drenne, a same sex marriage advocate, wears a wedding ...

Supporters of same sex marriages block the streets in a civil ...

A same sex couple kiss as a man is arrested in a civil disobedience ...

A same sex couple kiss before being arrested for blocking the ...

An unidentified same sex marriage advocate is held by San Francisco ...

Supporters of same sex marriage block the streets in a civil ...

Same-sex marriage advocates block a street after the California ...

A same sex couple kiss before being arrested in a civil disobedience ...

Associated Press and Reuters photos

Civil disobedience rocks: Activists for equal human and civil rights participate in civil disobedience today in San Francisco, where the California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that it was upholding Proposition H8, which reversed the court’s 4-3 ruling a year ago this month that same-sex couples have the legal right to marry under the state’s Constitution. The lone dissenting justice in today’s 6-1 decision, Carlos Moreno, correctly wrote in his dissent that denying same-sex couples the right to legally marry “strikes at the core of the promise of equality that underlies our California Constitution” and that Prop Hate represents a “drastic and far-reaching change.”

So if 52 percent of California’s voters voted against mixed-race (heterosexual) marriages, as 52 percent of the state’s voters voted in November against same-sex marriages, the will of the voters in that former case would be shot down as an obvious unconstitutional violation of equal human and civil rights.

But clearly, it’s still wide open fucking season on non-heterosexuals; the haters need some historically oppressed minority group to continue to oppress.

Gay truly is the new black.

The California Supreme Court took the cowards’ way out and refused to do the right thing. Today the seven-member court announced that by a vote of 6-1 it would not strike down Proposition H8. (The court unanimously decided to protect those 18,000 or so same-sex marriages that were performed between June and November, when same-sex marriage as legal in the state, however.)

Which means that the fight for equal human and civil rights for non-heterosexuals in California, in the United States, and in the world goes on.

We who believe in freedom and in equal rights for all probably would win at the ballot box in California in 2010; if not in 2010, then in 2012.

We need to put the issue in front of the California voters at every opportunity that we can until we win.

That’s how you win: by fighting. By never giving up.

We fight on. Until we win.

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