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Prop 8 ruling May 26 or 28 or June 1

Based upon the schedule with which the California Supreme Court releases its decisions, and based upon the fact that its decision on whether to give Proposition 8 a thumbs up or thumbs down is due by June 3, the court is expected to hand down its decision on Prop 8 this Tuesday (May 26), next Thursday (May 28) or Monday, June 1.

(The court releases its decisions on Mondays and Thursdays; it might release its decision on Prop 8 on Tuesday, May 26, because Monday, May 25, is a holiday for the court, Memorial Day.)

This is a big deal not only for those of us Californians who are not heterosexual, but it’s a big deal for the rest of the nation’s non-heterosexuals, too. Once the nation’s most populous state of California goes for legalized same-sex marriage — now that Iowa, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Maine and Vermont have legalized same-sex marriage — same-sex marriage in all 50 states will come more quickly, especially if the nation’s second most populous state, New York, goes for legalized same-sex marriage.

Women in the United States won their right to vote state by state, and the fight for women’s suffrage was about more than just voting — it was about women’s rights in general. Ditto for the same-sex marriage fight; whether we non-heterosexuals decide to legally marry or not, the fight for same-sex marriage expands our rights all around, which is why the same-sex marriage fight is important for every non-heterosexual in the nation.

And if the California Supreme Court upholds Prop 8? We get the issue of same-sex marriage back on the California ballot in 2010.  (No, we don’t wait until 2012.) We fight on.

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