Yet another pink domino topples

The state of Maine today became the fifth U.S. state with legalized same-sex marriage.

Maine Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, today signed the same-sex marriage bill, which was passed by the state’s Senate and House of Representatives earlier this week.

That’s one in 10 U.S. states that now have legalized same-sex marriage.

California’s Supreme Court is to decide between now and June 3 whether to uphold Proposition Hate — er, Proposition 8, the anti-equal-human-and-civil-rights measure that Californian voters narrowly passed in November after the Mormon and Catholic cults poured millions of dollars into a last-minute pro-Prop-8 ad campaign of hatred, bigotry and lies.

If the state’s highest court strikes down Prop 8, California will rejoin the other states that now allow same-sex marriage.

California briefly enjoyed same-sex marriage after the state’s Supreme Court ruled in May 2008 that the state’s Constitution forbids the prohibition of same-sex marriage in the state.

Proposition 8 then changed the state’s Constitution to explicitly prohibit same-sex marriage, and therefore effective the day after Prop 8 passed, same-sex marriage no longer was legal in California.

The states that now have legalized same-sex marriage are Connecticut, Iowa (yes, Iowa), Massachusetts, Vermont and now, Maine. Iowa and Vermont adopted legalized same-sex marriage just last month.

New Hampshire is expected to be the next state that determines whether or not to adopt legalized same-sex marriage.

My guess is that New Hampshire will be the next state that adopts legalized same-sex marriage and that this will be added pressure upon the members of the California Supreme Court to do the right thing and to strike down Prop 8 as unconstitutional.


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