More images of what we’re dealing with

The Huffington Post features a post titled “10 Most Offensive Tea Party Signs.” The sign photographed above, in Madison, Wis., is No. 1, in my book, and proves the point that I made in a recent post, as does this sign, from Tampa, Fla., which is a close runner-up:

That’s a sinister-eyed Barack Obama, who was elected by 53 percent of the voters in November, portrayed slitting the throat of Uncle Sam. Nice!

It’s universally acknowledged that kids are too young to understand and be involved in sex; aren’t they too young for politics, too? From Orlando, Fla.:

More child exploitation in Florida, this time in Tallahassee:

This unfortunate image from Fresno, Calif., mixes exploitation of our youth with racism for a double whammy:

The white guy in the background sure seems happy that a young black man has renounced his own race, doesn’t he?

 I’m not sure if this sign, from Chicago, is more offensive or if it’s more stupid:


Hey, I love a good Hitler comparison as much as does the next political extremist, but what, exactly, has B. Hussein Obama done that warrants a comparison of him to Adolf Hitler?

George W. Bush at least was responsible for the wholly unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people before he was compared to Hitler, if memory serves…


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