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It’s NOT about the taxes

Protesters carrying signs and American flags participate in ...

Vince Schuck of Newfane, Vt., wears a hat festooned with tea ...

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People hold signs at a tea party rally, Wednesday, April 15, ...

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Wingnuts gather at “tea party” rallies at the Illinois, Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee state capitols and in Cincinnati, Ohio, today. The insane hypocrites had no problem whatsofuckingever with the record federal budget deficit that George W. Bush left for Barack Obama, but suddenly they’re vehemently opposed to federal budget deficits. The racial composition of these “tea party” rallies overwhelmingly was predominately white — look at the news photos yourself — which gives you an idea of what it all really is about. 

So today the wingnuts are gathering and talkin’ ’bout a “revolution.”

“Revolution” in a nation whose president was democratically elected by 53 percent of the voters (and whose opponent garnered only 46 percent of the popular vote).

The wingnuts know that they have nothing substantive to piss and moan about, other than the fact that their guy, the stupid white old guy, didn’t win the election in November — and that the “socialist” black guy did.

Interestingly, these were the very same wingnuts who cried “Sore Loserman!” when the Gore-Lieberman ticket fought (weakly) the theft of the White House by BushCheneyCorp in late 2000.

It’s mind-blowingly hypocritical, even for the wingnuts, to be protesting the fact that their guy didn’t win when they blasted the other side for its supposed “sore loserism” even when the other side’s guy did win. (Al Gore won the popular vote by more than a half-million votes in 2000. Repugnican Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and the U.S. Supreme Court, not the majority of the American people, put George W. Bush into the White House.)

The tack that the wingnuts have taken to try to convince others to join their little “revolution” today, on Tax Day, is to appeal blatantly to the individual’s self-interest: Who wants to pay taxes?

Of course, if we didn’t pay taxes, the nation would crumble entirely — which is something that no true patriot would want, presumedly. There would be no roads and highways and other critical infrastructure. No public schools. No hospitals the poor and uninsured could afford to go to. No parks, no libraries. No bombs with which to slaughter Muslim babies before they can grow up to become “Islamofascist” “terrorists.”

Speaking of which, the wingnuts were perfectly fine paying their federal income taxes when the “president” was a Repugnican. And they were perfectly fine with runaway deficit spending when the “president” was a Repugnican, and as long as that spending went to the war profiteers’ pockets (Dick Cheney’s Halliburton wanted a war, and Cheney sure delivered for Halliburton) instead of to those American people in need.

Who needs health care and education and such when we can have “shock and awe!” on the tayvay?

Annihilating the whole premise of today’s “tea parties” is the fact that under President Barack Obama’s federal income tax plans, only those making more than $250,000 a year will pay more in federal income taxes.

How many of those mouth-breathing wingnuts at today’s “tea parties” make even a third of that much money?

No, the vast majority of the participants in today’s “tea parties” are dupes of the wingnut noise machine that is owned by the likes of the filthy rich Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox “News.” Rupert and his super-rich buddies don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes, but their problem is that the super-rich make up only a tiny percentage of the American population.

Therefore, these plutocrats must convince the Joe the Plumbers of the nation that tax cuts for the rich are good for the common American, and they must blatantly lie to the commoners that under Obama’s tax plans, the commoners will pay more.

The commoners aren’t getting just teabagged by their super-rich overlords; they’re also getting dicked.


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