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NOT the usual suspect

After the body of a missing 8-year-old girl was found in a suitcase in an irrigation pond in Tracy, Calif., you would expect that the next news would be that they caught the obviously deeply troubled man who did it.

Maybe he had been a registered sex offender whom the system let free, and so there would be public outrage against the system that had set the monster free, only so that he could kill this time.

In the comments section of news websites, you would have seen the same old comments that people with mediocre minds (which is the vast majority of people) leave, like lemmings who know how to use the Internet, on such news stories all of the time: the perpetrator should be castrated or executed or even worse (after all, WWJD?); those damned soft-on-crime liberals are to blame for this; surely this is a product of the losing “culture war”; etc.

But this is the “monster” whom police believe killed the little girl:

This image provided by the San Joaquin County Seriff's department ...

Associated Press photo

Reports The Associated Press today:

TRACY, Calif. – Police said [today] they do not know what motivated the Sunday school teacher they arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and killing an 8-year-old girl whose body was found in a suitcase dumped in an irrigation pond.

Melissa Huckaby, 28, a local minister’s granddaughter [whose booking photo by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department is above], was arrested late [yesterday] about five hours after she drove herself to the local police station at the request of officers, said police Sgt. Tony Sheneman. She was being held without bail in connection with the death of Sandra Cantu, the San Joaquin County sheriff’s office said.

Sandra disappeared on March 27 and hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officials turned out to search for her. On April 6, farmworkers draining an irrigation pond found the suitcase.

Huckaby walked into the police station [yesterday] and started a conversation with officers, Sheneman said at a news conference. “She was calm, cool and collected, then she became very emotional …. She went back and forth from being calm to emotional.” Eventually, she became “resigned,” Sheneman said.

“I couldn’t begin to even theorize what her motive was,” he said.

“Sandra was very close friends with Melissa’s daughter. They used to play together,” Sheneman said.

Investigators know where the girl was killed but can’t disclose the location, he said. Autopsy results are not yet available. He wouldn’t say whether police believe the slaying was accidental or deliberate.

Sheneman had earlier told The Associated Press that interviews with Huckaby in The Tracy Press had revealed inconsistencies that prompted further inquiries from investigators.

He had confirmed early [today] that the suitcase in which the body was found belonged to Huckaby.

Huckaby is on suicide watch in an observation cell, said sheriff’s Deputy Les Garcia. She is refusing to see visitors, he said. Jail records did not indicate whether she had an attorney.

Sandra’s aunt, Angie Chavez, said the girl’s mother, Maria Chavez, was devastated.

“It’s not over. This is just the beginning of a horrible nightmare,” Angie Chavez said of the arrest as she stood at the entrance to the mobile home park where Sandra lived with her mother.

Angie Chavez’ husband, Joe Chavez, said Huckaby should face the death penalty.

“You eye everybody with a great deal of suspicion. We’re shell-shocked here,” Joe Chavez said. “Who can you trust at this point? Who do you know?” …

Sheneman said investigators hadn’t expected that the suspect would turn out to be a woman. “It’s unusual for it to be a woman statistically and according to the FBI,” he said at the news conference.

Discovering it was a woman and a member of the tight-knit Tracy community who knew the family was “a double blow,” he said.

“Today’s going to be a very difficult day for everyone to digest that,” Sheneman said. “This was an anomaly in the murder of a child.”

Sheneman said no other arrests in the case are anticipated….

Huckaby had told The Tracy Press that Sandra visited her home on the day of her disappearance to play with her 5-year-old daughter. But Huckaby said she’d turned Sandra away because her daughter needed to pick up her toys and Sandra went to another friend’s home.

Huckaby also said she had left her suitcase in the driveway that day, and that it was missing….

Huckaby is a granddaughter of Pastor Clifford Lawless, whose Clover Road Baptist Church was searched by police. Huckaby taught Sunday school at the church and lived with Lawless in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park that also was Sandra’s home….

Huckaby. A connection to a Baptist church and a Baptist minister. Sounds vaguely familiar

A Sunday school teacher. A young woman, not a sexually perverted man.

Indeed, what is the world coming to?

Note that the slain little girl’s uncle already is calling for the execution of Melissa Huckaby.

Apparently one probably preventable death of one of our young people wasn’t enough; let’s have another!

We create an environment in which life is cheap and then we scratch our heads and we wonder why those who kill consider life to be so cheap.

Ah, fuck it.

Just kill ’em.

We’re far too fucking lazy to change our ways of thinking and being and (not) loving.

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