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It’s safe to tell Obama’s detractors to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down

I noted in my previous post that President Barack Obama and his policies and his performance thus far have the support of about two-thirds of Americans, and that his detractors comprise only about a third of Americans.

Numerous recent national polls bear this out. Depending upon the question asked, Obama garners the support of anywhere from 60-something percent to even 80-something percent of national poll respondents, and his opposition is only 20-something to 30-percent of the respondents (and sometimes, depending upon the question, they’re as low as in the teens).

So: Why the fuck do we even bother to pay any attention at all to Obama’s detractors?

Obama’s detractors, who need to be taught that when your party loses an election your party is out of power, safely can be told to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

Not to say that we don’t need to be wary of gun-toting paranoid stupid white men who think that the members of the minority groups that historically have been oppressed by the stupid white men (non-whites, non-heterosexuals, non-“Christians,” et. al.) are going to come get them (thus, the “need” for the stupid white men’s personal arsenals).

But the fact of the matter is that the nation is on the brink of disaster, and we can’t afford to give our time and energy to the idiots who insanely still are espousing the same broken ideology that brought us to this brink of national disaster in the first place.

I mean, think about it: these assbites’ ideology has brought the American empire the closest to its destruction at least during my lifetime of four decades, yet rather than shut up and sit down while the rest of us try to fix the mess that they created, these assbites are asserting that what will fix the American empire is more of the same: to continue to let stupid white men ransack the nation with corporate thievery and bogus wars (for war profiteering) while the nation rots from within from such things as lack of health care, unemployment, substandard education and crumbling infrastructure. 

These same people, who are hell-bent on destroying the nation — a good number of them are “Christo”fascists who believe in the “end times,” which they want to make a self-fulfilling prophecy — accuse others of “treason.”

No, I think that those of us who wish to save the nation from the destruction wrought by the roughly one-third of Americans who oppose President Obama are the true patriots, and it’s time to treat those so-called Americans who want us to continue on the path to destruction as the traitors that they are. 

Minimally, we can ignore the irrelevant, obsolete motherfuckers and just let them continue to pitch their fits (including their pathetic cries of “socialism!”) while the rest of us patriots do the work that needs to be done to restore our nation from Repugnican ruin.

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