Roland Burris: A predictable mistake that should be corrected ASAP

In this Dec. 30, 2008, file photo, former Illinois Attorney ...

Associated Press photo

Roland Burris is pictured with disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blahblahblahblah on December 30, the day that Blahblahblahblah appointed him to fill Barack Obama’s vacant seat in the U.S. Senate. Blahblahblahblah then was impeached by the Illinois House of Representatives and then removed from office by the Illinois Senate on January 29. Among other things, the state Senate found Blahblahblahblah guilty of having tried to sell Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder. 

It turns out that Roland Burris, whom former Illinois Gov. Rod “U.$. $enate $eat for $ale” Blahblahblahblah had appointed to fill Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat for Illinois before the governor was impeached and removed from office, indeed had talked to Blahblahblahblah’s brother Robert about campaign contributions to the governor before the governor appointed him to the U.S. Senate.

Burris’ rather surreal insistence that he be seated in the U.S. Senate ASAP should have been enough of a red flag for Democrats to have refused his tainted appointment.

Instead, the Democrats caved in to Burris’ tantrums, and now, as was so fucking predictable, the cloud of taint over Burris’ head grows to the point that Repugnicans in the Illinois Legislature smell Burris’ blood in the water and want an investigation of him — Burris had testified to a committee of the Illinois Legislature, after all, that there was nothing fishy about his appointment to the U.S. Senate.  

I am fine with such an investigation and I’m fine with the eventual removal from the U.S. Senate of Burris, who, as the fruit of the poisoned tree, never should have been seated in the U.S. Senate in the first fucking place.

Burris hardly represents the “hope” and “change” that the Democrats promised us.

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