Stimulate me! Shock and awe me!

I’m no economist and so up until now I haven’t written anything about the $790 billion economic stimulus package that the Democrats pushed through the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

As the economic experts seem to be uncertain on how effective the stimulus package will be, I don’t feel very qualified to judge one way or another, but shit, I’m happy just to be able to write the phrase “that the Democrats pushed through the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.” Eight long nightmarish years of unelected Repugnican rule are finally fucking over.

And I like how one Associated Press piece referred to the stimulus package as domestic “shock and awe”:

WASHINGTON – America is bringing shock and awe to the home front, using dollars instead of bombs.

It’s the military doctrine of lightning force — fast and brute, or as brute as the shaken country can manage — applied to the campaign for economic recovery.

With a record-busting stimulus plan, the U.S. is marshaling resources against economic catastrophe in ways not seen since Franklin Roosevelt put the New Deal in motion.

President Barack Obama is going with the best deal he could get. The stimulus bill is a landmark legislative achievement for a new president who inherited economic spoilage along with the spoils of power. Now the nation anxiously waits to see if it works.

Undermining federal balance sheets that were already deeply in the red, Obama and Congress settled on a nearly $800 billion plan that aims to spend more on the crisis at hand than the government has spent waging the Iraq war for six years.

The idea: fast cash, and lots of it, but with a strategic view to the future.

Some dollars will flow quickly into wallets — and right out again.

The stimulus plan will mean thousands of dollars in tax breaks for first-time home buyers and people buying new cars. Lower- and middle-income taxpayers will get an extra $13 a week in their paychecks this year, and about $8 a week next year. Unemployment checks will go up $25 a week, and keep coming longer. Food stamp benefits for 30 million Americans will rise. Short-term health insurance will become more affordable for many losing their jobs.

The success of the stimulus package may be measured less by visible achievements than by what does not happen — the home that is not foreclosed, the family that doesn’t slip into poverty, the disease that does not go undiagnosed.

“The one thing we’ll never know is what would have happened if we didn’t do it,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist for IHS Global Insight….

To critics such as Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the package is the “Europeanization of America.” Others call it “Rooseveltian” or “generational theft” in reference to the debt passed on to the future….

Democrats and just enough Republicans in Congress — three — saw the package as the best chance to tamp down the economic wildfires breaking out across the landscape.

Obama came into office saying he wished to be judged on his first 1,000 days instead of the usual benchmark of 100. In some ways he will be judged on his first 10 or 20.

Not even Roosevelt, fast off the mark to deal with a bank crisis, was as fast as this in achieving something so sweeping, so early.

The enormity of the package left politicians grasping for concrete ways to convey its size.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., spoke of a stack of hundred-dollar bills 689 miles high, and of bills wrapped side-by-side that would encircle the Earth nearly 39 times….

I’ll tell you what was “generational theft,” as Repugnican John McCainosaurus and his ilk like to call it: the theft of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections and the unelected Bush regime’s March 2003 illegal, immoral, unprovoked and unjustified launch of the bogus Vietraq War, which has cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars — not to mention the cost of thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilian and American military lives, all for nothing but the fucking greed of the fucking war profiteers, such as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

And funny how the treasonous Repugnicans never pontififuckingcated on how many times the dollars spent on the bogus Vietraq War would encircle the earth, but they’ll bitch and moan about how many times the dollars spent on the American people would encircle the earth.

The Repugnicans are fucking traitors who want to continue to funnel the nation’s resources to those few who already have the lion’s share of the nation’s resources while the typical American continues to sink. Anyone who actually cares about his or ner nation and thus wishes to stop the Repugnicans’ treasonous theft of the nation’s dwindling resources is branded as “socialist” or “communist” or the like.

Fuck the Repugnicans. May they be out of power forfuckingever.

As I said, I’m no economist, but when I read such things as that every single fucking Repugnican member of the U.S. House of Representatives voted against the stimulus package and only three Repugnicans in the U.S. Senate — all moderates who would like to be re-elected — voted for it, I just have to figure that if the treasonous, pro-rich, anti-middle class and anti-poor Repugnicans, who in their eight years of unelected rule almost completely destroyed the American empire, are that solidly against something that the Democrats want to do, then it must be good for the American people.

The hypocritical Repugnicans have no problem whatsofuckingever spending billions of the American taxpayers’ dollars — only as long as it’s spent on death and destruction in bogus wars (against Muslims and Arabs, preferably) for the obscene profits of the war profiteers, such as Dick Cheney’s Halliburton.

To actually spend the American taxpayers’ dollars on the American taxpayers — why, that’s just communism!

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