I’m gay for Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, sexy brainiac

I’ve been a long-time fan of Salon.com columnist Glenn Greenwald. He writes intelligent, interminable sentences and really can get into his topic. (Not that I’m a size queen, but he can write some rather long columns.)

I looked Greenwald up on Wikipedia today and discovered that he’s gay, which I had suspected, since he’s intelligent and writes long pieces comprised of interminable sentences…

Wikipedia also states that Greenwald — may I call you Glenn, Glenn? — is taken, of course, that he has a Brazilian boyfriend (Brazilian as in he lives in Brazil)… Sigh…

Greenwald is (or used to be, anyway) a lawyer, but the good kind — a civil rights and constitutional law lawyer; he uses his powers for good rather than for evil.

Anyway, I’m adding Glenn to my blog roll because he rocks.

Salon.com has some pretty shitty writers: Joan Walsh, who, if memory serves, was a die-hard Billary Clinton supporter, thinks that we all care about her every thought when she, um, demonstrated her intelligence by supporting Billary.* And Camille Paglia — Oh. My. God. Why do they publish this narcissist’s crap? She defends Sarah Palin-Quayle as some great American who got a raw deal and she repeatedly goes into great detail about some obscure recording artist whom she likes. Who the fuck cares?

Glenn — whom I like also because he’s a fellow Generation X’er (as opposed to the aforementioned Walsh and Paglia, who apparently are baby boomers and whose boomerian gross overestimation of their talent and worth is glaringly apparent in their writings) — is one of the writers who make Salon.com worth visiting. He does write on some topics that don’t interest me, but when he does write about a topic that interests me, he really nails it. (I just wanted to use the verb “nail” in talking about Glenn…)

And, I’m pretty sure that Glenn is Jewish, so I can always point to him — along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jon Stewart, “Saturday Night Live’s” Andy Samberg** and many other Jews — as JILFs

That means that I’m not anti-Semitic for having a problem with the Israelis who indiscriminately and disproportionately are slaughtering Palestinians as I type this sentence — right?

*Barack Obama clearly was the lesser of the two evils, especially after Billary started to out-Repugnican John McCainosaurus in her desperate bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

**This video of Samberg in which he gets Brokeback with the president of Iran is pretty fucking funny, as are this one and this one featuring Samberg.

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