I really want the lapel pin…

I stumbled upon this graphic on the blog “Queers United” (I love the name of that blog because it reminds me of the movie “X-Men United,” and of course the X-Men are analogous to gay men and lesbians, but that’s another blog post…).

Explains the blogger of the altered U.S. flag:

This is a protest flag for equal marriage rights in the United States. The flag only has two stars, for Connecticut and Massachusetts (the fifth and sixth states in the union), the only states with legalized gay marriage.

The idea is based on the suffragists who created their own U.S. flag with only four stars, representing the four states that allowed women to vote; they added stars as states started to grant voting rights.

The designer will add stars as more states enact equal marriage rights. All proceeds from products sold off the website will benefit Marriage Equality USA. There are also more graphics and icons that can be used for free.


You know, I’m actually kind of glad that Proposition 8 passed, because, as I have noted, the sleeping pink giant has awakened.

It’s kind of too bad that it takes our equal human and civil rights being taken away from us for us gay men and lesbians to rise up and strike back, but hey, better late than never.

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