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Prop 8 closer to being overturned

Supporters of gay marriage rally on the steps of the State Capitol ...

AFP photo

The rainbow flag waves in front of the California State Capitol in Sacramento in November. Today the state’s attorney general, Jerry Brown, asked the state’s Supreme Court to invalidate Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of their constitutional right to marry and which narrowly passed on Nov. 4 after “Christo”fascists pumped millions of dollars into a hate- and lie-filled campaign. “It became evident that the [state Constitution’s] provision guaranteeing basic liberty, which includes the right to marry, took precedence over [Proposition 8],” Brown said today. “Based on my duty to defend the law and the entire Constitution, I concluded the court should protect the right to marry even in the face of the 52 percent vote.”

First, the bad news: Today the haters filed a petition in the California Supreme Court to have nullified the thousands of same-sex marriages that legally were performed in the state between the time that the state Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages must be allowed under the state’s constitution (which was in May) and the narrow passage of the anti-same-sex-marriage Proposition 8 on Nov. 4.

You have to wonder what kind of miserable fucks would find it so fucking vital to try to destroy the happiness of thousands of newlyweds. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? These are inalienable rights, according to the Declaration of Independence and to the American dream — but not according to the haters, who can’t be happy unless they’re making someone else miserable by oppressing them.

Now, the good news: Today California’s attorney general, former Gov. Jerry Brown, petitioned the state Supreme Court to declare Proposition 8 null and void because it violates the state’s constitutional guarantee of equal rights for all Californians.

Gee, which side do you think the state Supreme Court is going to side with: Jerry Brown, whose position is the same position that the court took when it ruled in May, 4-3, that same-sex marriages must be lawful in California, or the position of the haters, which is that the equal civil and human rights of any minority group in California can be stripped by a simple majority vote?

Oh, and six of the seven members of the California Supreme Court were appointed by Repugnican governors, in case you think we’re talking about a renegade liberal court here.

Proposition 8 is on life support and the court is going to pull the plug.

Soon we’ll be able to put a third star back on the marriage equality flag.

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I really want the lapel pin…

I stumbled upon this graphic on the blog “Queers United” (I love the name of that blog because it reminds me of the movie “X-Men United,” and of course the X-Men are analogous to gay men and lesbians, but that’s another blog post…).

Explains the blogger of the altered U.S. flag:

This is a protest flag for equal marriage rights in the United States. The flag only has two stars, for Connecticut and Massachusetts (the fifth and sixth states in the union), the only states with legalized gay marriage.

The idea is based on the suffragists who created their own U.S. flag with only four stars, representing the four states that allowed women to vote; they added stars as states started to grant voting rights.

The designer will add stars as more states enact equal marriage rights. All proceeds from products sold off the website will benefit Marriage Equality USA. There are also more graphics and icons that can be used for free.


You know, I’m actually kind of glad that Proposition 8 passed, because, as I have noted, the sleeping pink giant has awakened.

It’s kind of too bad that it takes our equal human and civil rights being taken away from us for us gay men and lesbians to rise up and strike back, but hey, better late than never.

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U.S. behind other nations on gay rights; no hope that Obama will change that

From The Associated Press:

UNITED NATIONS – Alone among major Western nations, the United States has refused to sign a declaration presented [yesterday] at the United Nations calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

In all, 66 of the U.N.’s 192 member countries signed the nonbinding declaration — which backers called a historic step to push the General Assembly to deal more forthrightly with any-gay discrimination. More than 70 U.N. members outlaw homosexuality, and in several of them homosexual acts can be punished by execution.

Co-sponsored by France and the Netherlands, the declaration was signed by all 27 European Union members, as well as Japan, Australia, Mexico and three dozen other countries. There was broad opposition from Muslim nations, and the United States refused to sign, indicating that some parts of the declaration raised legal questions that needed further review.

“It’s disappointing,” said Rama Yade, France’s human rights minister, of the U.S. position — which she described as in contradiction with America’s long tradition as a defender of human rights.

According to some of the declaration’s backers, U.S. officials expressed concern in private talks that some parts of the declaration might be problematic in committing the federal government on matters that fall under state jurisdiction. In numerous states, landlords and private employers are allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation; on the federal level, gays are not allowed to serve openly in the military.

Carolyn Vadino, a spokeswoman for the U.S. mission to the U.N., stressed that the United States — despite its unwillingness to sign — condemned any human rights violations related to sexual orientation.

Gay rights activists nonetheless were angered by the U.S. position.

“It’s an appalling stance — to not join with other countries that are standing up and calling for decriminalization of homosexuality,” said Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

She expressed hope that the U.S. position might change after President-elect Barack Obama takes office in January.

Also denouncing the U.S. stance was Richard Grenell, who until two months ago had been the chief spokesman for the U.S. mission to the U.N.

“It is ridiculous to suggest that there are legal reasons why we can’t support this resolution — common sense says we should be the leader in making sure other governments are granting more freedoms for their people, not less,” said Grenell, who described himself as a gay Republican. “The U.S. lack of support on this issue only dims our once bright beacon of hope and freedom for those who are persecuted and oppressed.”

More than 50 countries opposed to the declaration, including members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, issued a joint statement [yesterday] criticizing the initiative as an unwarranted attempt to give special prominence to gays and lesbians. The statement suggested that protecting sexual orientation could lead to “the social normalization and possibly the legalization of deplorable acts” such as pedophilia and incest. [Gee, that’s Rick Warren’s “argument”…]

The declaration also has been opposed by the Vatican, a stance which prompted a protest in Rome earlier this month.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the Roman Catholic Church opposed the death penalty and other harsh repression of gays and lesbians, but he expressed concern that the declaration would be used as pressure against those who believe marriage rights should not be extended to gays….

The European nations backing the declaration waged their campaign in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Dutch foreign affairs minister, Maxime Verhagen, said countries that endorsed that 1948 document had no right to carve out exceptions based on religion or culture that allowed discrimination against gays.

Human rights apply to all people in all places at all times,” he said. “I will not accept any excuse.” …

So what do the “Islamofascists” and way too many Americans have in common? They both have a penchant for theocracy and hate faggots.

I’m not counting whatsofuckingever on President-elect Barack Obama signing the USA on to the U.N.’s declaration once he takes office.

He has his rights, so what’s the problem?

And after all, Obama’s pick for the invocation for his inauguration, baby-boomer asshole (that’s redundant), stupid white man Rick Warren, has compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and incest — just like the “Islamofascists” have.

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