m4m craigslist poetry

To amuse myself sometimes I jump on to craigslist and see what my fellow faggots have actually posted.

Gay (“m4m”) “missed connections” on craigslist are often pathetic and sad. Often it seems that a lonely gay man will mistake another man’s friendliness for possible sexual/romantic interest and then desperately seek him via craigslist. Sometimes you wonder if two men who might have been the kind of couple they make romantic movies about missed each other like two ships passing each other in the night (or something like that). 

I came across this on the gay “missed connections.” It’s sheer poetry, and this is a direct copy and paste:

          why are you with him?

          you came into my store with your boyfriend.
          your snakebites are adorable.

          your boyfriend is ugly.
          very ugly.
          leave him and get with me.
          i can get you a discount.

I don’t know why, exactly, but I love that. (Oh — “snakebites,” I understand from Googling, are facial piercings, usually of the lower lip.)


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