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Rall’s right: It’s fuggin’ creepy

Leftist editorial cartoonist and columnist Ted Rall says on his blog of his ’toon above:

First Obama’s transition team bogarted the official -.gov domain suffix to invent some wacky “change.gov” website. Then he invented a fake “Office of the President-Elect.” (Yes, federal law provides funds for the president-elect to rent an office. But that’s not an official government office.)

What else is he going to stage-manage?

Agreed. The fabrication of the “Office of the President-Elect” isn’t just audacious, it’s creepy. Team Obama says there’s only one president at a time, but then there is its “Office of the President-Elect” — an apparent shadow government (when the Repugnicans suggest shadow governments, liberals cringe) — replete with its own website, change.gov. Fine if the transition team wants a website, but Rall’s right; why a -.gov website when Obama hasn’t even taken office yet?

What Rall doesn’t mention, and which is at least mildly scary to me, is the massive amounts of personal information that Team Obama has gathered, over the course of several months, and continues to gather, on millions of Americans… Never before in the history of the United States has a president taken office who sits upon such a massive database of information about American citizens.

How might that information be used?

I suppose that we’re about to find out.

I am all for citizen participation, but shouldn’t there be some distance between the electorate and their elected officials? Can’t there be too much coziness?

Anyway, here I am worrying about our democracy when the “OBAMASTORE” is having a clearance sale! Yes, everything is up to 50% off!

Clearance Sale

Don’t worry — go buy something!

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I’m psychic; new Sacramento mayor’s term gets off to a scandalous start


Sacramento Bee photo

Not even in office for a month, new mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson, shown above at his swearing in last month, already wants more power. Why don’t we just crown him Emperor of the Fucking Universe already?

No, really, I am psychic.

First I endorsed former Mayor Heather Fargo for re-election as mayor of Sacramento. She’s not exciting, but she’s competent.

At that time I wrote:

…I have a problem with jocks entering politics, as I just wrote, and [Fargo’s challenger, Kevin Johnson,] is a former NBA player. It seems to me that when jocks are washed up, they think of politics as another avenue with which to bolster their egos. (Millionaires also tend to turn to politics when they don’t know what else to do with themselves.) 

So Johnson would have had to overcome my loathing of jocks who enter politics more to masturbate their egos than to actually help anyone out through the use of political power.

Johnson didn’t do that, so I voted for Fargo, and right after Johnson ended up unseating incumbent Fargo on Nov. 4, I wrote:

Kevin Johnson won Sacramento’s mayoral race by a large margin. I had voted for incumbent Heather Fargo, who struck me as rather boring but at least competent, and my guess is that Johnson, given his scandalous history, is going to have a scandal-plagued term as mayor.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll surprise me and he’ll do a kick-ass job, but my guess is that his election was a mistake. I surmise that Johnson won on both the Schwarzenegger Effect (celebrity jock turns politician) and on the coattails of Barack Obama.

And I surmise that the voters will come to regret their choice, which, again, they seemed to have made based upon celebrity more than upon careful consideration.

So the Sacramento Bee reports today:

Mayor Kevin Johnson is proposing a strong mayor system for Sacramento.

In an interview with the Bee this morning, Johnson’s aides said he is proposing a citywide vote next year to change the city charter and give the mayor more executive power.

Under the new system, the mayor would propose the city budget, appoint department heads and have veto authority.

The city council would act as a legislative body and would have the authority to approve the city budget and confirm mayoral appointees. The council would have an elected president and the shift would likely mean the city would need to add a ninth council district when redistricting occurs in 2010.

The system is similar to the those used in most large cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco….

This is just the beginning of what is to come, I sense.

Sacramentans elected a power-monger because of his celebrity.


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