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Gay and lesbian ‘leaders’ sell us out

I hate gay and lesbian business owners. They sell us gay men and lesbians out every time.

My favorite thing is to peruse a typical gay and lesbian publication and see all of the ads for alcohol and for gay and lesbian bars and clubs — and the rehab ads. They get us coming and going! Not to mention all of the images of Adonises that give average gay men a complex about their body image.

Let’s fucking face it: We gay men and lesbians have been reduced to a target audience.

Fight for equal human and civil rights? No, we are to be consumers! Good consumers!

Gay and lesbian “leaders,” especially gay and lesbian business “leaders,” sell us out every time.

I’ll use a local example. Not to (excessively) pick on this guy, but to use him as an example of the typical gay and lesbian business “leader” who puts his own pocketbook far above the Much Bigger Picture:

In the Sacramento Bee story titled “Gay Leaders Wary of Boycotting Prop. 8’s Supporters,” the publisher of one of the local gay and lesbian rags, Outword, Fred Palmer, is quoted as having said that he opposes boycotting a business because an individual from that business contributed to Proposition 8. (In most cases when a business has been boycotted, it’s because the owner or an owner of that business contributed to the pro-Prop 8 campaign. It would logically follow that if a business owner hates fags and dykes, fags and dykes might not want to give that business owner their money. Duh.)

The Bee story notes that Palmer is president of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, the local gay and lesbian chamber of commerce.

Gee, do chambers of commerce tend to care about people and people’s rights — or do they tend to care about $$$?


The Bee also reports:

Lester Neblett, executive director of the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, advocates spending with businesses that support gay rights, as opposed to the kind of protests that targeted the Music Circus and Leatherby’s ice cream.

“The gay community has a lot of discretionary money available to them. They can use this wisely,” he said. “We’re continuing to encourage people to support people who support us. That’s been the word that we’ve tried to get out to the community all the time.”

Gee, maybe Prop 8 wouldn’t have passed if our “leaders” could fucking lead, if they actually had our best interests at heart.

Palmer strikes me as being more concerned about losing advertising revenue more than he’s concerned about anything else, and Neblett just sounds like a coward who doesn’t want to — gasp!offend anyone.

Palmer should be careful, lest we boycott his rag that probably does us more harm than good anyway, by encouraging us to become self-loathing, alcoholic, sexaholic, consumeristic zombies for his own personal profit.

And Lester Neblett — with a milquetoast name like that maybe he couldn’t help but be a coward. He needs to grow a pair or step aside for someone else who already has a pair, maybe even a lesbian, maybe even preferably a lesbian.

Our “leaders” aren’t leading, and so we individual gay men and lesbians are taking things into our own hands, especially with the organizing power of the Internet — whether our self-serving, wussy “leaders” like it or not. They need to actually fucking lead, follow or at least get out of the fucking way.

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