Repugnicans, ‘Christo’fascists and other assorted wingnuts: Crafty or insane?

For the past eight years the Repugnicans and wingnuts have been in charge of the nation like the patients being in charge of the insane asylum.

Now that they legitimately have lost power because their way of doing things nearly destroyed the nation and its democracy — I believe that a World War III-lovin’ McInsane/Palin-Quayle administration very well might have meant the end of our nation (perhaps even the world) as we know it — what are they going to do now?

They’re going to cry that they are the victims now — never mind the fact that they’ve been the oppressors for the past eight years, from stealing two presidential elections in a row (Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004) and starting the bogus Vietraq War (which was meant to make Dick Cheney’s war profiteering Halliburton and the other war-profiteering subsidiaries of BushCheneyCorp even richer more than it was meant to accomplish anything else, so, when you think about it, that “mission accomplished” banner was accurate) to their last-gasp act of trying to oppress gay men and lesbians even more than they’ve already been oppressed.

So now you have the fascist gay-hating Mormons claiming that those who are fighting back against their unprovoked hatred are, in fact, actually the haters. That’s like the Nazis, who also persecuted gay men and lesbians, claiming that they were, in fact, the victims.

And now when they lose elections, the Repugnicans claim election fraud. Election fraud. The only way that they could “win” the White House in 2000 and in 2004 was to commit election fraud, and having a Repugnican state secretary of state in Florida in 2000 (Katherine Harris) and in Ohio in 2004 (Kenneth Blackwell) sure in the hell made that a lot easier.

The National Repugnican Senatorial Committee today put out an e-mail (I ended up on their e-mail list somehow) with the subject line of “Mischief in Minnesota?” suggesting that because Democrat Al Franken is ahead of Repugnican Norm Coleman in Minnesota’s recount of the U.S. Senate race between them, only vote-counting fraud possibly could explain Franken’s lead.

No, fascist motherfuckers, see, there are these things called ballots, and they can be counted, each and every fucking one of them. Unlike your whacked-out religious beliefs — such as that global warming is just God hugging us more closely — the results of an election can be proven.

Even though the Repugnican-dominated U.S. Supreme Court stopped the ballot-counting in Florida in 2000 so that George W. Bush could “win,” the results of an election can be determined. Hand-counting every last ballot can be incredibly tedious, to be sure, but in a democracy, that’s what you do.

Elections are won by the number of votes received, not by which side screams the loudest, as the Repugnicans “won” the White House in 2000 only because they screamed the loudest.

Let the wingnuts and the “Christo”fascists and the Repugnicans cry “victim” all they want.

We’re taking our nation back. With or without them, whether they like it or not. And we should not hesitate to wield our majority power, as when they were in the majority they never hesitated to wield theirs.

I do wonder, though, when the wingnuts and the Repugnicans and the “Christo”fascists surreally hypocritically claim victimhood, whether they are so insane as to truly believe that they actually are victims when, in fact, they’ve always been the victimizers, or whether they’re actually pretty politically astute as to knowingly falsely claim victimhood for political gain.

In any case, we need to call them on their shit and keep them in their place. Even though they’re in the minority now, they’ll still try to run the show.

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