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Vandalism of Mormon temples: Oh, boo fucking hoo!

So Mormon temples in California and in Utah are being vandalized.


The Mormons funded the hatred of gay men and lesbians (and other heterosexually “incorrect” individuals) with more than $20 million and apparently expected there to be no repercussions.

The atmosphere of homo-ignorance and homo-hatred that the Mormons, the Catholics and the other assorted “Christo”fascist wingnuts have created has resulted in a myriad of problems for non-heterosexuals, including being the victims of hate crimes and having higher rates of substance abuse and suicide from the self-homo-loathing that the “Christo”fascists foster.

The atmosphere of homo-ignorance and homo-hatred results in the deaths of gay men and lesbians, so I don’t think that I’ll be shedding a fucking tear over vandalized Mormon temples. In fact, I hope that more “Christo”fascist buildings — temples of hatred — are vandalized. Why are the vandals picking only on the Mormons? There are plenty of Catholic and other “Christo”fascist buildings, too.

Let the “Christo”fascists see what it feels like when their victims push back for fucking once. They understand only intimidation, so let’s speak back to them in the only language they understand.

The Mormons, the Catholics and other assorted “Christo”fascist wingnuts declared an unprovoked war upon a historically oppressed group of people who only want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There are fucking consequences to that, and thus far the blowback that the “Christo”fascists have experienced is nothing compared to the damage that they have caused gay men and lesbians and other heterosexually “incorrect” individuals.

Jesus taught that we reap as we sow. Let the “Christo”fascists reap their shit — and pray that the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon others isn’t fully visited upon them.


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