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The sleeping pink giant awakens

Hundreds protest the passing of Proposition 8 at the Capitol ...

Tawfiq Rashid, right, and hundreds of others protest the passing ...  Santos Rosales, center, and hundreds of others protest the passing ...

Associated Press photos

Real Americans — those who realize that the American dream is to expand rights for all people, to expand the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all — protest the fascist passage of the anti-American Proposition 8 in front of the state Capitol in Sacramento on Thursday. I am attending the anti-Prop 8/pro-human rights rally at the Capitol here in Sacramento tomorrow afternoon. Because equal human rights aren’t up for a fucking vote.

My friend Danny, who’s gay like I am, and who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, stated in an e-mail to me today: “I am almost happy that Prop 8 passed. I believe that this is going to bite the Mormons in the ass. There are nightly protests in West Hollywood in front of [the Mormon] temple. People are pissed.”

Yup. People are pissed. Finally.

Unfortunately, if the California gay and lesbian community’s pre-mortem on Proposition 8 were as intense as its post-mortem has been, Prop 8 would have failed.

But, I suppose, better late than never.

The gay and lesbian community and its non-gay allies are lashing back at the bigots who pushed Proposition 8, including the Mormon cult (I won’t call it a church, because it’s just a cult on steroids). “Utah faces boycott after Mormon work for Prop 8,” an Associated Press news story is titled.

The Knights of Columbus, a fascist Catholic group, is another out-of-state fascist group that bankrolled Prop 8, as have many individual fascists. They’ve all been identified and they’re all being boycotted and they’re all being called out for the anti-American fascists that they are.

We gay men and lesbians here in California were just minding our own fucking business, trying to enjoy our inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, when these fascists decided that in order to feel better about their evil, miserable selves, they were going to launch an unprovoked attack upon us and our inalienable human rights.

They apparently expected such an unprovoked, vicious attack to be without repercussions.

They were fucking wrong.

I say that if you’re minding your own fucking business and someone declares war upon you, you fight back with everything you’ve got. You don’t just sit there like a fucking pussy.

The fascists attack us precisely because we non-fascists, we real Americans, have a history of not fighting back; they count on us to not fight back. All that we have to do is fight back like we really mean it — just once, probably — and the motherfuckers will get the fucking message, which goes something like this: Don’t tread on me.

P.S. I found several news photos of the protest in front of the Mormon cult’s temple in Los Angeles on Thursday that my friend Danny was talking about:

Protesters wait at a police skirmish line before being allowed ...

REFILE - ADDING SECOND SENTENCE  Protesters take part in a "No ...

Hundreds demonstrate outside the Los Angeles Mormon Temple against ...

REFILE - ADDING SECOND SENTENCE  Robert Oliver (L) holds a rainbow ...

REFILE - ADDING SECOND SENTENCE  Robert Oliver (L) holds a rainbow ...

A protester writes 'tax this cult' in chalk on the street in ...

A man writes with chalk on Santa Monica Blvd. outside the Los ...

Associated Press and Reuters photos

I’m lovin’ it, especially “Tax this cult” written in chalk right before the Mormon cult’s temple.

The Mormon cult isn’t welcome here in California and should return to Utah, where it belongs.

And we need to show the rest of the fucking fascists their place, too.

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