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I voted for you, but…

“Yes, Barack Obama’s victory is historic. Yes, Barack Obama is clearly made of finer presidential material than John McCain. That’s why we voted for him. But along the path to victory Barack Obama made some pit stops that are disturbing to political progressives.

“When we entered the voting booth, we didn’t have the chance to write down the worries that begin with the words, ‘I voted for you, but…'”…

— From the home page of ivotedforyoubut.com

There’s a website — ivotedforyoubut.com — that is intended to remind President-elect Obama that you dance with those who brought you to the dance.

Lest the Obama administration end up like the Clinton administration — which brought us “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the “Defense of Marriage Act,” “welfare reform” and the North American Free Trade Agreement, among other things — we need to remind Obama and his administration now that without the left, Obama wouldn’t have made it into office.

My two biggest problems with Obama are his insane assertion that gay and lesbian rights should be determined on a state-by-state basis — he never would argue that blacks’ rights should be determined by each state — and his obedient ass-licking of Israel. (Already Israel’s foreign minister is telling President-elect Obama not to talk to Iran, even though the United States keeps Israel afloat — and why not, since historically, when Israel tells the White House to jump, the White House asks, “How high?”)

President-elect Obama needs to fight for equal civil rights for gay men and lesbians and he needs to keep us out of World War III by refusing to take marching orders from Israel.

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