Blacks don’t have my back

(L-R) Truong Quang Si, Herman Quinones, and Diana Villeda clap ...

Wearing T-shirts supporting California Proposition 8 Chiffon ...

Volunteer Antonio Prieto carries a Yes on 8 proposition yard ...

Reuters and Associated Press photos

Lest you think I’m picking only on California’s blacks, above are Asian and Latino Californians who supported the hateful, discriminatory anti-gay Proposition 8, even though in California’s history Asians and Latinos have been discriminated against. The Latino family in East Los Angeles pictured above even made the hatred of another historically oppressed minority group a family affair — because hatred, discrimination and oppression are family falues that we should teach our children.

This is fucking great. The Associated Press reports today of the passage of the hateful anti-gay Proposition 8 here in California yesterday:

Exit polls for The Associated Press found that Proposition 8 received critical support from black voters who flocked to the polls to support Barack Obama for president. About seven in 10 blacks voted in favor of the ban, while Latinos also supported it and whites were split.

So yesterday I, a gay white man, voted for Barack Obama and I was thrilled to be able to vote, for the very first time, for a viable black presidential candidate. I even put my leftist ideology aside — Ralph Nader is more ideologically aligned to me than is Obama — and I cast my vote for Obama.

So to read today that about seven in 10 black Californians voted yes on Proposition 8, which passed by about 52 percent to 48 percent — wow.

It’s so fucking nice to know that so many members of historically oppressed minority groups have no problem whatsofuckingever oppressing members of other historically oppressed minority groups. These homophobes’ problem isn’t oppression in general — just don’t oppress them!


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2 responses to “Blacks don’t have my back

  1. K

    Hmm… Well, I understand your hurt and anger over what the exit polls are showing. You have to understand most non-whites tend to be church going. I’m not, and I voted NO ON 8 and Im a latina. And everyone I know in my familia voted the same way because we believe you should be able to marry and form a family with whoever you want to without having some religious freaks poking their noses where it doesn’t belong.

    Remember… it’s always been divide and conquer. I would love to see all groups who have been oppressed together, standing side by side fighting against the oppressor. It has to work BOTH WAYS.

  2. robertdcrook

    OK, do I get to hate the fucking Mormons, who, according to, gave more than $20 million to the pro-Prop 8 effort?

    But seriously — well, seriously, I do hate the fucking Mormons, who are way too big for their britches — I am doing my best not to get too resentful of the African Americans who expect me to protect their rights but don’t give a shit about mine. And why in the hell did African Americans adopt the toxic religion of their masters? In this respect they are still slaves, so to speak…

    But again, yes, I believe that we have to watch out for the dynamic of “divide and conquer” — the stupid white men love it when the minority groups are at each others’ throats. But I also think that every historically oppressed minority group has to look out for all other historically oppressed minority groups. All oppression — not just the oppression of own’s own minority group — is wrong.

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