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Big-ass battle is just beginning

“There’s something deeply wrong with putting the rights of a minority up to a majority vote. If this were being done to almost any other minority, people would see how un-American this is.”

 — Evan Wolfson, gay-rights lawyer and head of Freedom to Marry

While racial minorities here in California and throughout the nation — hell, even throughout the world — are giddy over Barack Obama’s win over Repugnican John McCainosaurus, we gay men and lesbians here in California are bleeding over the passage of Proposition 8.

It’s just so great to know that we are surrounded by such haters.

Here is photographic evidence of the “arguments” that the homophobes have used in support of Proposition 8:

Megan Bernard is accompanied by her son Harrison, eight months, ...

(I just love it when infants are used in political debates, don’t you? Yeah, only hets make good parents! We cannot entrust something as important as the raising of children to gay men and lesbians!)

Richie Beanan from Los Angeles, puts a sign on a bus that will ...

More than 300 supporters of Proposition 8, the ballot measure ...

State Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, a candidate for ...

Associated Press photos

Let’s dissect these “arguments” in favor of Prop 8:

“Parental rights”: How are any parents hindered from fulfilling their parental roles and responsibilities by two adults of the same sex getting married? What is the “argument” here? What am I missing?

“Restore marriage”: How do same-sex couples harm heterosexual couples’ marriages? If heterosexual marriages are in trouble, don’t the heterosexual couples need to do something about it? The divorce rate was sky high long before gay men and lesbians ever got the legal right to marry in any state.

“Less government”: Wait a fucking minute. “Less government”? The government telling two consenting adults that they may not get married is less government? How?

“Free speech”: Yes, you have free speech. You may hold the most hateful beliefs that you want and you are pretty free to say whatever hateful things you want. But what right do you have to infringe on someone else’s rights?

I saw the homo-haters’ rally at the state Capitol here in Sacramento last week, the rally photographed in most of the news photos above. There was another sign I saw at the rally not shown in the news photos above: a sign that stated that Proposition 8 was about “religious freedom.”

No, these motherfucking haters, if it is their religious belief that same-sex marriage is wrong, are perfectly free not to marry someone of the same sex. Their religious freedom is in no way infringed upon by two other consenting adults marrying each other.

If we actually are to buy this argument that to offend someone’s religious beliefs is to infringe upon his or her religious freedom, then we must make interracial marriage illegal too if it should — gasp! — offend someone’s religious beliefs. (What about the eating of certain foods? Should pork be banned by constitutional amendment because its consumption offends some people’s religious beliefs? Where would it end?)

The bottom line is that the homo-haters have no actual legal, moral or ethical arguments against same-sex marriage. They have only blind hatred, and they fabricate “arguments” to try to legitimize and sanitize their hatred.

The overarching “argument” by the homo-haters that their civil rights — religious freedom, freedom of speech, parental rights, etc. — are actually being violated by gay men and lesbians being granted equal civil rights is beyond insane.

I don’t know how much longer we gay men and lesbians are going to just take it anymore.

It’s time for revolution.

P.S. Here’s a news photo I found with one of the “religious freedom” signs in it. In this news photo, the Amerifascists are just giddy that Prop 8 is passing. I can’t imagine being happy that someone else’s rights are being taken away, thinking that someone else’s oppression is my gain. But then, I’m not a fucking Nazi, either.

Organizers, from left, Tiffany Delepine, Meg Waters, Lowell ...

Associated Press photo

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Blacks don’t have my back

(L-R) Truong Quang Si, Herman Quinones, and Diana Villeda clap ...

Wearing T-shirts supporting California Proposition 8 Chiffon ...

Volunteer Antonio Prieto carries a Yes on 8 proposition yard ...

Reuters and Associated Press photos

Lest you think I’m picking only on California’s blacks, above are Asian and Latino Californians who supported the hateful, discriminatory anti-gay Proposition 8, even though in California’s history Asians and Latinos have been discriminated against. The Latino family in East Los Angeles pictured above even made the hatred of another historically oppressed minority group a family affair — because hatred, discrimination and oppression are family falues that we should teach our children.

This is fucking great. The Associated Press reports today of the passage of the hateful anti-gay Proposition 8 here in California yesterday:

Exit polls for The Associated Press found that Proposition 8 received critical support from black voters who flocked to the polls to support Barack Obama for president. About seven in 10 blacks voted in favor of the ban, while Latinos also supported it and whites were split.

So yesterday I, a gay white man, voted for Barack Obama and I was thrilled to be able to vote, for the very first time, for a viable black presidential candidate. I even put my leftist ideology aside — Ralph Nader is more ideologically aligned to me than is Obama — and I cast my vote for Obama.

So to read today that about seven in 10 black Californians voted yes on Proposition 8, which passed by about 52 percent to 48 percent — wow.

It’s so fucking nice to know that so many members of historically oppressed minority groups have no problem whatsofuckingever oppressing members of other historically oppressed minority groups. These homophobes’ problem isn’t oppression in general — just don’t oppress them!


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Mixed results


sacbee.com photo

With the sound passage of Proposition 2 and the apparent passage of Proposition 8, Californians seem to care more about chickens’ rights than gay men and lesbians’ rights. Maybe if I stuff some eggs up my ass and start laying them I can get some fucking rights around here…

Well, the most important contest yesterday was the U.S. presidency, of course, and I am happy that we real Americans will not have another four years of Repugnican rule.

And I’m glad that President-elect Obama won by a large-enough margin — preliminary election results are 52 percent of the popular vote for Obama to 46 percent for John Fossil Fool McCain, and the Electoral College standing at 349 Obama to 147 McInsane — that the Repugnicans cannot claim, with any credibility (not that they ever had any credibility on any subject anyway), that Obama is not the pick of the clear majority of the American people.

The wingnuts need to shut the fuck up and let the man whom the majority of the American people elected as their leader lead the nation out of the fucking mess that the unelected, treasonous Bush regime got us into. 

Kevin Johnson won Sacramento’s mayoral race by a large margin. I had voted for incumbent Heather Fargo, who struck me as rather boring but at least competent, and my guess is that Johnson, given his scandalous history, is going to have a scandal-plagued term as mayor. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll surprise me and he’ll do a kick-ass job, but my guess is that his election was a mistake. I surmise that Johnson won on both the Schwarzenegger Effect (celebrity jock turns politician) and on the coattails of Barack Obama. And I surmise that the voters will come to regret their choice, which, again, they seemed to have made based upon celebrity more than upon careful consideration.

An anti-abortion proposition (Prop 4) on California’s ballot died, and an anti-animal-cruelty/pro-animal-rights proposition (Prop 2) passed, which I’m glad about, but it looks as though the anti-gay proposition, Prop 8, has passed. (So animals apparently have more rights in California than do we faggots and dykes. Woo hoo!)

Prop 8’s final results haven’t been released yet, as many votes remain to be counted, but I expect that it passed, as The Associated Press reports that with 90 percent of precincts reporting, it was 52 percent yes to 48 percent no. I don’t expect that 4-percent margin to be erased. It might be reduced a bit, but it seems to me that Prop 8 passed, which means that in a future election, when more homophobic old farts have kicked off and Californians are more evolved, we faggots and dykes will have to put another proposition on the ballot to get ourselves as many rights as animals have…

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