I voted for Obama and for civil rights

My boyfriend calls me a flip-flopper. I prefer to think that I just go with the moment, and that you can never know, in advance, what the moment will bring… You might plan to do one thing, but then, when the moment arrives, it might strike you that you should do another thing instead.

So, although I had declared here that I was going to vote for Ralph Nader, today I actually cast my vote for Barack Obama. As I sat there with my black ballpoint pen filling in ovals on my ballot, I found that the opportunity to vote for the first viable presidential candidate who isn’t a (stupid) white man was just too tempting to pass up. (Flip-flopping would have been voting for John Fossil Fool McCain, I think…)

Not that I’m 100 percent on board the Obamawagon. I’m not, as I’ve noted. Once in office, I think that President Obama will need to be nudged further to the left. 

There’s no way in hell that Obama won’t win my home state of California and all 55 of its electoral votes, the largest prize in the nation, so practically, I could have chosen not to vote for a presidential candidate at all and it wouldn’t have made a difference. But I wanted to add just one more vote to Obama’s final popular vote tally.

I love ya, Ralph, but you just can’t win. I wish that you could. But you can’t.

The Green Party* seemed to have a chance there for a little while, but over the past several years it has shrunk, not expanded. My heart is Green, but damn, it’s so nice to vote for a candidate who actually can win

Today I also voted against the anti-gay Proposition 8, of course. I find it mind boggling that gay men and lesbians are the last minority group that a good chunk of Americans feel it’s perfectly OK to discriminate against. As has been said, gay is the new black…

There never would be a proposition on the California ballot to revoke women’s right to vote or to bring back slavery, yet there is this odious, anti-Christian and anti-American proposition on California’s ballot today to legalize the treatment of gay men and lesbians as less-than-equal citizens by denying them the right to marriage — a right that the Repugnican-dominated state Supreme Court in May ruled cannot be violated.

Children learning California history in the years to come will be amazed to learn that it ever was at issue, in 2008, as to whether gay men and lesbians should have equal civil rights.

And yes, despite the “arguments” to the contrary by those historically oppressed minority groups that want to keep the civil rights pie all to themselves, gay and lesbian rights are civil rights.

*I should note that this year Nader is not running on the Green Party ticket. Still, he and his running mate, Matt Gonzalez, both ran on the Green Party ticket in elections past and so I still associate Nader and Gonzalez with the Green Party.

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