Heather Fargo for mayor of Sacramento

 Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo appears at a news conference ...  Sacramento mayoral candidate and former NBA star Kevin Johnson ...

Associated Press photos

Former jock Kevin Johnson is challenging two-term Mayor Heather Fargo for the leadership of Sacramento.

I’m not crazy about Democratic Party establishment candidate Heather Fargo, who is seeking her third term as the mayor of Sacramento. (I’m not crazy about any Democratic Party establishment candidate.)

But I’m much less crazy about Fargo’s opponent, political neophyte Kevin Johnson.

First off, I have a problem with jocks entering politics, as I just wrote, and Johnson is a former NBA player. It seems to me that when jocks are washed up, they think of politics as another avenue with which to bolster their egos. (Millionaires also tend to turn to politics when they don’t know what else to do with themselves.) 

So Johnson would have had to overcome my loathing of jocks who enter politics more to masturbate their egos than to actually help anyone out through the use of political power.

The latest Johnson scandal — he’s a scandalous dude — is that with the cooperation of a security guard Johnson tried out the mayor’s chair last month after city hall was closed. Can you say “ego”?

I wasn’t planning to vote for Johnson anyway, but his latest antics have sealed my vote for Fargo. (In the primary election I strategically voted for Muriel the Bearded Chicken Lady.)

Johnson, far from being a Barack Obama type, strikes me more as a thug.

Oh, and just as Ahhhnuld Schwarzenegger is shockingly short, Kevin Johnson’s campaign office is in my neighborhood and I’ve passed him twice on the sidewalk near his campaign office. Johnson is so short that it’s hard to see how he was an NBA player.* In case you were wondering.

*This source puts him at 6’1″, but he didn’t seem that tall to me.

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One response to “Heather Fargo for mayor of Sacramento

  1. itzia

    agreed. we saw him at the farmer’s market and we overheard many people commenting on how short he is.

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